edson rosas
Hi There,
1994, that was the year. Since then I have been working as graphic designer or art director with agencies and design studios. It’s been a long journey. It started in Brazil, where I was raised in a family of artists (maybe that’s why I can’t play proper football) though Lisbon, Warsaw and now, working as AN integrated designer in London.
I have had some interesting invites along the way:
To be part of the jury at the Brazilian Design Biennial and Gramado International Advertising Festival, was amazing, and a great professional acknowledgement. 
To go to Poland, work for the biggest supermarket chain in the country. There, I met a real white snowflake for the first time. Eventually the white winter turned golden, when I received a Gold Effie for Retail for the work.
To return to Brazil, twice, as Head of Art in the presidential campaign. That was one of my greatest challenges. In Brazil they see the elections like a football World Cup. As nothing less for sure.
Finally, let me tell you about my mid-life career crisis: one day ten years ago I put some fire in my life and started working as a chef in a restaurant kitchen. I really loved it, But as Mia Couto, the Mozambican writer says, "cooking is a different way to love people". That’s why today I only cook for my beloved wife and my two little monkeys that I brought with me from Brazil.
Many thanks for your visit, and if you would like to know a bit more, please feel free to get in touch via social network or just drop me a line: edsonrosas.work@gmail.com.