edson rosas
Hi There,
1994, that was the year. Since then I have been working as graphic designer or art director with agencies and design studios. It’s been a long journey. It started in Brazil, where I was raised in a family of artists (maybe that’s why I can’t play proper football) though Lisbon, Warsaw and now, working with digital content visualization at silicon roundabout, east London.
I have had some interesting invites along the way:
To be part of the jury at the Brazilian Design Biennial and Gramado International Advertising Festival, was amazing, and a great professional acknowledgement. 
To go to Poland, work for the biggest supermarket chain in the country. There, I met a real white snowflake for the first time. Eventually the white winter turned golden, when I received a Gold Effie for Retail for the work.
To return to Brazil as Head of Art in a presidential campaign. That was my greatest challenge. In Brazil they see the elections like a football World Cup. As nothing less for sure.
Finally, let me tell you about my mid-life career crisis: one day ten years ago I put some fire in my life and started working as a chef in a restaurant kitchen. I really loved it, But as Mia Couto, the Mozambican writer says, "cooking is a different way to love people". That’s why today I only cook for my beloved wife and my two little monkeys that I brought with me from Brazil.
Many thanks for your visit, and if you would like to know a bit more, please feel free to get in touch via social network or just drop me a line: edsoncrosas@gmail.com.